This testimonial is written to praise and to thank Joao Alvarez at Element Wellness
and to hopefully help others who-like I was-are resigned to living with pain and pain
As a 71-yr old woman, suffering with severe spinal stenosis, sciatica and
degenerative disc disease, I was lucky enough to be recommended to Joao Alvarez
by one of his patients.
Due to his committed, caring and compassionate personality
and acupuncture skills, reinforced by "homework" assignments on healing from inside-
out, I found my way out of the mental blur created by the prescription pain
medicines from neurologists, orthopedists and pain management doctors. Thanks to
Mr. Alvarez, I have a second chance at facing my days without fighting through the
mental haze of "pain pills" that were suffocating my life-force, and the terrible pain
that was stealing my energy.
I could not more wholeheartedly recommend this highly skilled acupuncturist...a man
who deeply cares about his patients and his results. A man whose in-depth
knowledge and wisdom reach beyond his years.    
-Pat K

Joao has magic needles!  When I first went to him it was after trying another
acupuncturist for a month or so... I still couldn't pick up anything I dropped because
my back was that bad. After 2 visits I was tying my shoes!  Sinus issues cleared up
after about 15 minutes of treatment. Awesome person! !
-Gael W

I have been a patient of Joao's for over three years now and I'm so grateful for all
health issues he has helped me with. From breaking up breast cysts, dissolving a 6 cm
uterine fibroid, harmonizing my menstrual cycle through my menopause, shoulder
pain ,helping to relieve stress of life, better sleep, and over thinking. Just to name a
few! He also is very informative about diet, supplements, and many herbal regimens
that have helped me achieve a healthier me! His calm, cool personality, warm
friendly environment, and great treatments makes the whole experience very
special. I'm so happy to have met him!
-Paulette A

Joao at Element Wellness has really been very helpful. This is my first experience with
acupuncture, and has been wonderful. I have been going to Element Wellness for
the past few months and it has been incredibly helpful in alleviating depression and
anxiety. I highly recommend!
-Heather T

I walked in needle phobic, apprehensive and most of all, a bit skeptic. But I felt like I
was looking for a missing piece to the puzzle AND had no idea what the picture
looked like. I’ve done so much personally, but I still felt like peace, balance and
harmony was still outside my grasp. So I decided to try acupuncture because, quite
frankly, I had tried so many traditional medical treatments that I felt I needed a new
approach to healing. I was amazed at the number of questions Joao asked but soon
realized that the answers would lead him create a treatment plan just for me. Not
based upon some textbook diagnosis and cookie cutter solution but one that
addresses not only the physical, the mental and spiritual as well. My treatments
never seem rushed. My questions are always welcomed enthusiastically and Joao is
completely genuine in his concern about my entire life. A refreshing, comforting
approach in today’s ‘ring and run’ medical society. I walked in needle phobic,
apprehensive and most of all, skeptical. I walked out with a feeling of peace and
contentment that I had never experienced before. One of the few five star
experiences of my life. Acupuncture works. For me, it was that last missing piece of
the puzzle.
-Judy S.

I went to see Joao Alvarez for my fractured wrist, herniated neck disc, diabetes, and
other problems. He is so caring and thorough on my problems and tried to solve as
many of my sickness as possible. My pain of the mis-aligned fracture improved, pain
on my herniated neck disc is almost 98% cured, my glucose level improve a lot, my
body does feel much better than before just more than a couple of months
treatments. I will continue to see him. Joao is my favorite Doctor right now.
-Stephen H.
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Joao Alvarez is a very fine acupuncturist, and I wouldn't hesitate recommending him
to anyone. I have had many, many acupuncture treatments over the past 15 years
from a variety of practitioners, and also have studied Chinese Medicine myself, so I
have quite a bit of experience in this area. Joao's treatments are compassionate,
extremely through and professional, and quite profound. As with anything of this
nature, words cannot adequately describe the experience - you will have to get a
treatment yourself to truly understand. I have referred quite a few friends and will
continue to do so. Joao is a healer of great talent and dedication.
-Phil G.

Joao is the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. I have been to other so-called
big names in this field, but none of them I feel are as comprehensive and caring as
Joao. He makes you feel comfortable being in his office. He truly cares for his
patients. I feel this is a very important aspect for healing. Where other health care
workers seem only to be in it for the money, Joao seems he's doing his work because
he loves what he's doing. I feel anyone that works because they love what they do
will do the best job. I highly recommend going to see Joao. He has helped me
tremendously, and made a big difference in my physical, mental and spiritual well
-Walter S.

Joao listens carefully and asks lots of questions to determine the treatment course.
He treats my 12 year old who is phobic of needles and myself. He was so patient and
accommodating that now my son does acupuncture for anxiety and stomach pain 1
to 2 times per week. He is so much better, I can hardly believe it, and my son asks to
go when he feels low. A native English speaker, Joao is able to understand and treat
the nuances of our complaints. He considers how to minimize the points while
alleviating the symptoms for my son. He explains why he's chosen the points he's using,
and makes sure my son feels heard and respected. He's even rushed in from home to
treat my son in his off hours when my son was really stressing about one thing or
another!For me, it's made a world of difference. I'm more relaxed, my tendinitis is
minimal, my food cravings are all but gone, and the most wonderful thing of all, my
hot flashes are almost completely gone, and I'm sure they will be completely gone
shortly!I've sent friends who have had similar wonderful experiences with Element
Wellness, and to me it's like magic!
-Terri H.

Joao is a very compassionate and caring person.  He is very committed to helping
you with your problem.  He is very knowledgeable not only in his area of expertise, but
in many other areas, thus creating a treatment plan that is holistic and based on your
individual  needs.  He LISTENS!  And treats you with respect and dignity, which are  
qualities that are rarely found today.
We would highly recommend Joao to everyone, his treatment and care has helped
us tremendously, and he has made a great difference in our life.                
-John and Pat S.

Joao has been treating me for about 3 years. He has rescued me when allopathic
medicine has not been able to help me. A year ago, I had a really bad sinus infection.
I saw a regular doctor who prescribed antibiotics. No change. I saw a holistic M.D.
who prescribed a antifungal nose spray. No change. Only Joao with his needles, his
Chinese medicine and his knowledge of food as a cure helped me. It took more time
than it takes to pop a pill but I got better. I am now struggling with some sort of
stomach ailment which, again the regular doctors gave me the exact wrong
medicine for. They were looking at what they thought were my symptoms instead of
looking to treat the cause. Joao, once again has given me relief and I am on the
mend. I truly do not know what I would do without Joao.
Elysa RS.

Joao has extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for his craft. He is singularly focused
on your enjoyable and helpful experience. I have been a client for 2 years now, and
Joao's treatments have made a real difference.
-John A.

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